Following the launch of her first book:  The Power of You, we took some time to interview Olive about what inspired her to write a book at this time.

Q1 what inspired you to write your book now?

I am often requested to speak at events, either as the keynote speaker or motivational speaker. My last three speaking engagements involved mainly speaking to female audiences, championing the advancement of women in business; ‘Inspirational Ladies of the Caribbean’ in Curacao, ‘How to overcome imposter syndrome’ to the WIMIN committee, part of the Insurance Institute of Manchester and ‘Balance 4 Better’ Conference Your Housing Group.

I have also spoken internationally at a Springboard conference to businesswomen in Muscat and an HR conference in Sarajevo. Most of the time when I finish speaking members of the audience ask for a copy of my book and I have always answered that I have not yet written my book. Whilst in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic I was able start working on the book that I had always meant to write.

Q2 who is the book aimed at?

I think a book adds value to anyone who feels the messages within the book have some meaning to them. However, having coached mainly female entrepreneurs over the years and being involved in the NatWest Accelerator programme, Women of the Year, and being on the panel for the launch of the  Rose Review into female entrepreneurship, my book answers many of the questions I have been asked over the years.  I would like to feel that by reading my story the person reading it experiences some valuable insight into the challenges and joy of running a business, but also a sense that ‘anything is possible’.

Q3  what will people gain from reading the book?

My book spans 22 years of running my own training consultancy. From opening my business and finding finance to challenges I had to overcome, building my self-confidence,  being a working parent, overcoming imposter syndrome, establishing my brand and marketing myself, building strategic alliances with larger organisations, gaining my first international contract, mentoring coaching, networking, dealing with racism and ultimately the pinnacle of my achievement being awarded the MBE.

Q4 what does the future hold / what is next for Olive / OSR?

I have worked in more than 25 countries around the world, but only once in the Caribbean, I would like to expand my Caribbean connection and hopefully after Covid-19 offer leadership retreats in the Caribbean. In line with social distancing we are offering more of our courses virtually with the OSR Virtual Academy. Still continuing to share my expertise and develop others through coaching and mentoring.

The Power of You is now available here