Approximately 13 years ago I was introduced to TetraMap and what perfect timing, my PA and myself were clashing on a regular basis! I appreciated her skills and valued her contribution to my business, but our methods of working were completely different.

I would come into work, full of the joys of spring, having driven in, having had an hour to get myself ready for the working day. As I drove, various ideas would pop into my head about how I could improve my business or enhance an area of my business. I would walk into the office, have a chat with my PA and at the morning meeting I would share my ideas. My PA would listen to me with a stony face and not really catch my enthusiasm.  As we worked together for a few years I grew to understand her better and realised that she preferred a slow and deliberate introduction to idea generation with plenty of time for her to forensically pull the idea apart, looking at all potential possibilities for disaster before moving forward.

“TetraMap contributes to better outcomes for everyone.  By applying a mindset of inter-dependence, realtionships begin to flourish.”

My background was recruitment with a strong element of sales, so I am used to working quickly, ideas are discussed at the morning meeting, we take the best one and start implementing the quick wins and plan for the long-term ones,  looking at what resources are required. But  although I understood how she worked it was not a mutual understanding and we still clashed.

During a meeting with a client, they mentioned that they were attending an event which was introducing this instrument called TetraMap. I attended the event with my PA, after completing the instrument I discovered that we had completely different methods of working and were not getting the best from each other. It was a revelation to both of us and changed how we communicated with each other and our approach when passing/sharing work.

After this experience I applied to be a TetraMap facilitator, this allowed me to deliver training globally and share the gift of TetraMap with others. There are, of course, many tools on the market and I have used most of them but the beauty of TetraMap is that it is clear, memorable and succinct. In any language it gets the message across. I have now used TetraMap in training courses, at conferences and during coaching.

I am now based at my Caribbean office and as, yet TetraMap has not been introduced here, this is an excellent opportunity for me bring this tool to the Caribbean. I have just enrolled for the TetraMap Master Facilitator programme. This will allow me to not only use the tool but to train others to become facilitators. Watch this space as I bring you updates on my progress…wish me luck!