Gender Diversity | Ethnic Diversity | Balance in the Boardroom | LGBT Representation

Supporting organisations with bespoke diversity and inclusion consultancy and training for managers and teams to achieve the following outputs:

  • Overcome unconscious bias and develop an inclusive mindset.

  • Opportunity to improve the bottom line with above average financial returns.

  • Develop more creative and innovative teams.

Consultancy: Suitable for leaders, directors and mid to senior management.


Bespoke equality, diversity & inclusion training:

1. Diversity Audit & Benchmark
2. Gap Analysis
3. Review of Recruitment Process
4. Build a Diverse Brand with Visual Appeal
5. Inclusive Conversations

Olive Strachan Resources

Diversity & Inclusion training falls into 2 different categories for teams: Awareness Training and Skills Training and is suitable for multi-generational teams


Workforces that are diverse and inclusive have:

  • 12% Higher employee productivity

  • 19% Higher retention

  • 57% Higher team collaboration

Diversity & Inclusion at Work:  Facing up to the business case


Companies in the top quartile for ethnic /cultural diversity on executive teams were 33% more likely to have industry leading profitability.

Source: Delivering through Diversity



Client Testimonials

Olive Strachan Resources

The effect of the OSR Employee Engagement programme has had on all the staff is truly rewarding and promising for the future. The culture change is evident and everyone is more motivated, enriching experience for everyone involved.

I have had the opportunity to work with Olive Strachan MBE at different points in my career and in different settings.
Olive’s training and coaching skills are superb, whatever setting she might be in.

Larisa Halilović, Director of British Council

Having Olive work with our business has been brilliant, her energy and commitment to staff development is exactly what I was looking for. I have already seen areas of improvement amongst teams at various levels.

Olive has a bubbly, infectious personality that you can’t help engage with and respond positively to her.
Olive’s natural style enables all type of delegates to interact with her training courses.

Gail Cross, biobank

Excellent Results

The training programme has been delivered all over the world with excellent results and feedback:

Olive Strachan Resources

Excellently presented. Content and pace of the training tailored to our own needs.

I really enjoyed the course and feel a lot more comfortable and confident about going back to work and putting all I have learnt into practice.

I really enjoyed the course. It gave me the opportunity to examine parts of my work, working environment and overall objectives that I don’t get the space to think about in my everyday work.

I found the communication skills very useful as I have had trouble in the past expressing myself. I have learnt some useful tips which I am going to put into practice when I get back to work.

Developing my time management skills will affect my output with customers and in achieving British Council goals.

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