At Jays, the largest independent bookstore in Dominica, an exciting collaboration has come to fruition. I am thrilled to announce that both of my books will now grace their shelves, marking a significant milestone in my journey as an author.

The genesis of my literary venture took root during the tumultuous days of lockdown amidst the peak of the Covid pandemic. As an unabashed extrovert, the sudden restrictions on movement and social interaction posed a profound challenge. However, it was during this time that I discovered solace and purpose in the art of writing.

Entering the realm of authorship in my 50s was a revelation—an affirmation that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passions. With the release of my second book, “Prime,” in my 60s, I am reminded once again that age is merely a number, and the pursuit of dreams knows no bounds.

The inspiration behind “Prime” stemmed from a personal quest for understanding the complexities of reverse culture shock, having spent five decades abroad. Surprisingly, my search for literature on this topic proved futile, prompting me to embark on this writing journey and offer insights into this nuanced experience.

As I raise a glass of Prosecco to celebrate this milestone, I am reminded of the power of collaboration. Working alongside Olive Strachan Consultancy and now Jays, I am deeply grateful for the support and belief in my work. Indeed, collaboration is key—a testament to the beauty of shared visions and collective efforts.

So, here’s to embracing new beginnings, seizing every opportunity, and proving that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.