What a pleasure to be invited to speak at the Pan-African Organization for Health, Education and Research (POHER) 4th Annual Medical Research & Mentorship Symposium 2022.

POHER is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which seeks to seeks to implement synergistic activities to improve the health, education and productivity of communities in Africa for the benefit of present and future with a core focus on:

  1. Improve health awareness in African communities.
  2. Promote and advocate the creation of partnership between health professionals in Africa and overseas irrespective of country of residence.
  3. Introduce and promote the use of new and adapted technologies in healthcare and education in Africa
  4. Mobilize material resources for healthcare services in Africa


Thank you to everyone involved, I relished the opportunity to speak to young medical students starting out on their career path and support the wonderful work of this NGO.  Sharing some ideas to accelerate their progress and achieve success was our core focus and here’s the key points they took away:

?Have a vision/goal and focus
?Be true to you
?Power of belief & positivity
?Adapt & align

#Mentorship   #powerofyou


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