I hope you have enjoyed reading these short blogs on how I live my best life, so now it’s over to you.

How do you live your best life and work with passion?  Here’s my 5 top tips to get your started…

  1. Align what you do with your personal and professional values.
  2. Work with organisations that share your values, e.g. I have worked with CIPD, IoD and DiT, all these organisations share my values.
  3. Do some voluntary work, not all the work I do is paid work. I was a volunteer for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development for 20 years and 10 years with the Department for International Trade.
  4. Take some time out to develop yourself and learn new skills.
  5. Network, but be selective, do not go to every event you are invited to, check the list of attendees first before committing.


Let’s make 2020 your year!  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if  you would like to discuss any aspect of this blog or if you are interested in leadership coaching.