There has never been greater age diversity in the workplace than there is now with 4 and sometimes 5 generations working side by side.

Many of the leaders we work with range in age from mid-30’s to 60’s and the main  concern that they all have is how to manage, lead and motivate generation Z.

Whilst multigenerational teams can support business growth and long term success,  they can also lead to miscommunication and differing expectations.

Younger employees are accustomed to rapidly developing technology and adapting to the changes it drives and more mature employees have knowledge from the duration of their experience that can guide decision-making. The collaboration of fresh innovation with wisdom from the experience brings increased productivity. Here’s just a few of the significant benefits a multigenerational workforce can bring:

  • Multiple perspectives
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Learning/mentoring opportunities
  • Knowledge transfer and retention


As part of a research study, we invite you to share your experiences of leading multigenerational teams and in return we will share our findings with you and help you to navigate these unchartered waters together.

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