Staff conferences should be educational, motivational, and above all fun not something to be endured!

As a facilitator of and keynote speaker at many conferences over the years, I find that a staff conference that is memorable and achieves the key outcomes, has certain important elements.

–  Planning between the organisation and the Facilitator/speaker
–  A clear theme, linked to the organisation’s mission and vision. That is delivered in a     creative and engaging way!
–  Appreciation and acknowledgment of previous efforts e.g. prize giving, saying thank you, distribution of awards!
–  A future goal and how each employee can contribute.
–  Everyone should understand their role in the organisation’s future success.
–  Acknowledge the challenges ahead, asking each employee to be part of the solution.?
–  Celebrate success?

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shepherds Friendly to deliver their annual staff conference around #edi

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