We are living in unprecedented times, following the announcement from the prime minister informing us that we are in effect going to have to live our lives in a very limited space, it is going to test our personal resilience to the highest level.

As someone who coaches others to handle life’s challenges and ultimately move forward in a positive way, I see this as an opportunity to learn more about myself and my ability to handle the unknown.

I have run my business through recessions, through the crisis of 9/11 and various other global unrest but nothing that I can compare to the present situation. For the first time in over 30 years of marriage I spent Mother’s Day alone, after having planned with my children a large family gathering with children and grandchildren. But despite social distancing my children managed to call me using Facetime, organise flowers to be delivered to my house and a lovely cooked meal was delivered to my door. So, this is about being creative in our solutions and showing our love, compassion and kindness in any way we can.

So, what am I doing to get through what could be 12 weeks of staying at home?

As someone who is a very social person, because I was in self-isolation last week, I very quickly had my life curtailed. Normally, I am either delivering training, speaking at events, coaching someone or networking or meeting friends for coffee. I am rarely in the house; it is a life that I love and one I have spent a long-time crafting and creating. So, week one, as one by one my face to face training contracts were postponed, and lunches had to be cancelled I must admit my smile slipped and I started to feel a little ‘woe is me’. However, week two I have now had a plan and a purpose:

  1. I arrange a FaceTime call with a family/friends daily, we chat whilst we have a cup of coffee or drink wine.
  2. I can no longer visit the gym, so I ordered my dumbbells from Argos and have signed up for an online membership. Every day I complete an exercise class and wear my heart monitor so I can see how many calories I have used, which I find extremely motivational.
  3. I cook myself a healthy well-balanced meal every day and sit at the table to enjoy my meal.
  4. I spend a few hours per day writing my book on my experience of opening my business in 1998, the challenges I have experienced and being awarded the MBE.
  5. I take time to learn something new either something spiritual that enriches my soul and makes me stronger or something that will help my technical knowledge.
  6. I spend time outside in the garden, just walking and taking big gulps of fresh air.
  7. There is a lady on our street who is in her 80’s, as we have our own Facebook page for the street, we can reach out to her to make sure her needs are met. She has informed me that her family are taking good care of her, but if she needs any of us, she will contact us.
  8. I am going through my contact list and ringing friends that I have not heard from for a while.
  9. I have downloaded a list of books that I wanted to read and never had the time to do so, onto my kindle.
  10. Using social media to keep in contact with others and help others to enhance their development.


I find by doing the above, I have a full and busy day. I am also sleeping better because of the exercise.

These are some of my personal tips for getting through the current crisis on a personal level. I would love to hear yours. Stay strong, wishing you all the best.