Earlier this year I  celebrated reaching 61 years old and I can definitely say that I am living my best life, feel happy and at peace, accepting myself for who I am.

I thought when I began my career in the recruitment industry as a young mother and discovered I had a skill for selling and achieved some success, that I was in my Prime!

Then when I opened my business in my late 30’s, employed staff and then won my first international contract. I thought that I was in my Prime!

In my 50’s, I completed my Masters Degree in HR and was awarded the MBE, I thought I was in my Prime!

In my 60’s, I was awarded Chartered Companion of the CIPD, and my company won the Training and Coaching Enterprise Vision Award!  I started a new life in the Caribbean ?and now work globally with Dominica as my base! I am doing a job that I love, that feeds my heart my soul and my intellect!

Am I in my Prime? The meaning of Prime is: The state of or time of the greatest vigour or success in a person’s life’!

As I reflect about my life, I feel appreciation for the love and support I have received over the years and sincere gratitude.  Am in my Prime?


Well for those of you who know me, you will not be surprised to learn that I have now started writing my second book which will be entitled … you guessed it …. ‘Recapturing my PRIME’, and will be about starting again in Dominica, opening the new arm of my business Olive Strachan Consultancy, building, and promoting my brand, making friends, gaining my board director roles, and ultimately finding work in Dominica with Jolly’s, an award-winning pharmacy in the Caribbean.


Watch this space for excepts and release dates coming very soon!