Established in 1969, William Turner and Son School Wear Accessories is a  third-generation family business specialising  in producing premium quality school ties and accessories.   The William Turner brand represents consistency and a proven pedigree. Building on that proud heritage, they continue to evolve to take on the challenges of a rapidly changing world and ensuring their business is  ‘Fit for the Future’.

As they continue to evolve, they have expanded their product portfolio, invested in new factories and  technology  and they’re focussed on the environment too launching their very own ‘Green Manifesto’.

But at the heart of this business lies a strong belief in and support for their team, an understanding that  their people are pivotal to their continued business success and supporting and investing in them is a priority.

Since 2008 Olive Strachan Consultancy has been supporting  William Turner and Son School Wear Accessories helping them develop their team.  We’ve helped them review the customer journey,  relationship building and time management as well as developing management skill more generally.  Now , in 2022, we’re delivering management training to help them face this brave new world, to embrace the change and develop their confidence to lead the business.

Olive commented:  “I feel very honoured to be still working with William Turner & Son after all this time and can’t thank them enough for their continued support.  As a digital nomad it’s always good to hear positive feedback and we’ve had some wonderful feedback from the team,   who in this particular instance,   are finding that remote delivery is working really well with some stating that they find it easier to discuss challenges on the digital platform rather than face to face.”